Sri S.Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College Hostel

              The college has two separate hostels for girl students and one for boy students. All the three hostels have spacious and well ventilated rooms. The rooms are furnished with ceiling fans and steel cots. Steam cooking is adopted in the hostels. The boys’ hostel has one volleyball court and the girls’ hostels have two volleyball courts. A paid phone is kept in the girls’ hostels enabling the inmates to speak to their family members. The hostels are provided with televisions and newspapers. Hobby-enhancement courses such as typewriting, embroidery, doll making are taught to inmates of the girls’ hostel. Hostel students use the 12 station multi-gym after college hours also. The hostels are equipped with TVs, reading halls, required number of restrooms with adequate sanitation, incinerators for the disposal of napkins, RO-plant for safe drinking water, browsing centre and a 125 KVA Generator.

Accommodation Availability

Hostel                Year of construction            No. of rooms        Capacity            Build-up area
Boys’ Hostel            1980                                        60                            300                    30408
Girls’ Hostel- I        2000                                        50                            250

Girls’ Hostel - II      2011                                          47                            250                     46467

Year                   Boys’ Hostel                          Girls’ Hostel
2012-13                    112                                            464
2013-14                    105                                           462
2014-15                     78                                            326
2015-16                     79                                            283
2016-17                     73                                            299