PG and Research Department of commerce organises “Grand Alumni Meet” (Both Aided and Unaided) on 18-02-2018

About the Commerce Department

            The Commerce Department was started in the year 1974-75.  Now the department has flourished into PG and Research Department of Commerce by adding further courses namely M.Com., M.Phil., and Ph.D in its stream.  It also comprises B.Com and B.Com (CA) courses offered through Self Finance programme.  So far, this department has produced 40 batches of students.  As such, this banyan tree is holding large number of Alumni and Faculty.

Grand Alumni Meet - 2018

            Both the Faculties and Alumni used to express their thirst for a chance to meet their batch mates and beloved faculties in their campus.  Their continuous insistence sowed a seed and paved a way for the forthcoming Grand Alumni Meet – 2018.

            Since three years, the entire alumni of this commerce department i.e., from 1974-77 batch to the recent 2014-17 batch are brought on the roll by strenuous effort.

            This idea was conceptualized in the year 2015. That time, there was no crystal direction to find out the alumni especially before the 1997-2000 batch.

            Gradually they had been traced out over a period of three years. Now it gives a real pleasure of succeeding in this effort.

Uniqueness of the Grand Alumni Meet

            This Grand Alumni Meet happens to be very unique in the following aspects:

1. This is the first meet of this kind in the history of Commerce Department.

2. It comprises Alumni batches over a vast period of 40 years.

3. This meeting offers a marvelous opportunity to all the Alumni of this department.

4. It is an evergreen and uncompromised incident in our life-diary.

5. This meet will flourish and bring out dramatical outcomes.

            Whatsapp and Facebook have enabled to create an absolute network of Commerce Alumni of this Department.

Preliminary Alumni Meetings

            To facilitate the effective performance of the Grand Alumni Meet-2018, two preliminary meets were conducted. The first meet was held on 27th August 2017. This meet laid foundation and gave direction for the Grand Alumni Meet. The second meet was held on 24th December 2017. Committees were formed and activities were proposed for the conduct of the Grand Alumni Meet.

            Following are the resolutions passed in this meeting.

                        1. The Grand Alumni Meet to be held on 18.02.2018.

                        2. Coordinating committee is formed along with ten supportive committees.

                        3. One Coordinator or maximum of two coordinators selected for each batch to                             submit the following lists on or before 15th January, 2018.

                                    i. List of alumni confirmed to participate in the Grand Alumni meet                                                ii. List of alumni proposed to speak in the Grand Alumni meet.

                                    iii. List of alumni who like to have Veg / Non-veg meal on the day

Objectives for Accomplishment

            The Grant Alumni Meet is called upon to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To establish Commerce Alumni Association.
  • To create a strong network among the Alumni.
  • To assist in the welfare of the current students.
  • To facilitate social tie-up among the Alumni.
  • To enhance the economic condition of the alumni by exposing job opportunities.
  • To provide technical aids and facilities for the development of the Department.
  • To develop the infrastructure for the College.

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