MRP guidelines

General format

A) Minor Research Project (MRP) to college teachers

1. Eligibility Conditions

1.1. A regular & permanent teacher can apply under the scheme

1.2. A teacher can get only one project (Minor/Teacher Fellowship) of the UGC atany given time. The Planning Board is responsible to ensure this condition.

1.3. The Principal Investigator should publish at least two papers, dulyacknowledging the financial assistance received from the UGC, in areputed/refereed journal from the said project.

1.4. Submission of copies of research publications and a one year gap after settlementof accounts of the previous MRP are mandatory to submit minor research projectproposals, subsequently

1.5. The teaching faculty of Library Science and Physical Education are also eligible

2.Ceiling of assistance and tenure

2.1. The ceiling of assistance for a Minor Research Project in Science subjectsincluding Engineering and Technology, Medical, Pharmacy, Agriculture etc. isRs. 3.00 lakhs.

2.2. For Humanities, Social Science, Languages, Literature, Arts, Law and Allieddisciplines the ceiling of assistance is Rs. 2.00 lakhs.

2.3. Duration of Minor Research Project is two years. The effective starting date ofimplementation of the project will be the date of release of grant to the Principalof the college who shall ensure that the funds are released to the concernedPrincipal Investigator within a month.

General format

B)Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

The UGC will provide financial assistance to colleges for organizing seminars/symposium/conference.The Research Assessment Committee (as provided for in these guidelines) based on themerit of the proposal, may assign funds to departments without exceeding the categorywiseceiling given below:


Ceiling of Assistance(Rs. in lakhs)

1 State level Seminar/Conference/Workshop 1.00

2 National level Seminar/Conference/Workshop 1.50

3 International level Seminar/Conference/Workshop 2.00

1. Conditions

1.1 The college should call for papers and delegate participation throughadvertisements in academic journals and/or through college website.

1.2 A College may support five state/national level activities in a financial year,but not more than one activity to a department in a year.

1.3 For State/National level activities, the participants may be provided freeboarding and lodging by the host Institution, wherever it is possible.Participants may be charged registration fees. Travelling allowances foroutstation participants‟ may be limited as per college rules where theactivity is being organized.

1.4 International Conference may be organized , once in two years, with priorapproval from Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. Post GraduateDepartments, eligible for financial assistance under Block Grant to Collegesare only eligible to organize international seminar/conference. TheParticipation of foreign delegates is a must. However, payment for traveloutside India is not permissible under the scheme.

1.5 Grant will be available for TA, honorarium for resource persons, paperpresenters, pre-conference printing, publication of proceedings and localhospitality.